"SOL PV Group Leads AI Revolution: Raising The Bar For Local Businesses"

"SOL PV Group Leads AI Revolution: Raising The Bar For Local Businesses"

In the heart of our community, SOL PV Group, a leading solar power company, is making waves with their ground-breaking approach to customer engagement. By teaming up with local AI consultants EcomSorted & introducing a virtual avatar and AI chatbot on their website, SOL PV Group is redefining the way local businesses connect with their audience and stand out from the competition.


"This new tool has truly transformed the way we interact with our customers," shares spokesperson Tony Waite from SOL PV Group. "The virtual avatar and AI chatbot provide instant customer support, streamline inquiries, and create a seamless user experience that sets us apart in the industry."


And to celebrate, SOL PV Group website visitors can claim a free £1000 desktop proposal for their future solar project. This exclusive offer highlights the company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, solidifying their position as leaders in the local business community.


CEO of EcomSorted, Chris Dent, commented, “The story of SOL PV Group's pioneering use of virtual avatar and AI chatbot is not just about technology; it's about setting a new standard for customer engagement and business excellence in our community. As businesses across the area take note of this game-changing strategy, the future of customer interactions looks brighter than ever.”

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